Wednesday, February 10, 2010

meet my blogbour

For some weeks now this blog is getting quite some traffic through the Next Blog button (right there, above LANGE REGEN, a little to the left of the middle). People come from all over the world: UK, US, India, Portugal, Canada, Hong Kong, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, you name it...

Apparently my blogbour is rather popular, which, I must admit, made me think he/she must be posting something racy. (This thought was also triggered by one of the visitors' search terms on this here blog: naked. Needless to say he/she came up empty handed: nobody is naked in the lange regen. [Maar wat niet is kan nog komen?])

Well today I finally put some effort into finding out who my blogbour is, and what's he building in there (anybody familiar with that Tom Waits song?). And what a very pleasant surprise, it turns out his name is Tomás Rotger and (the surprise) he takes beautiful black and white pictures. Too bad there isn't a new one every day. I have added my favorite here, of course you can go against the flow of traffic and visit him here and see for yourselves.

1 comment:

aleid said...

wat een geestige ontdekking!
zoals de waard is vertrouwt hij zijn gasten?